Dancin’ With My Darlin’

My hubby and I are dancers.  No, not the professional kind. We just love to dance.  It’s an activity that came to us later in life because my husband had no confidence in his ability to dance or to learn how to dance.  I used to tell people that for the first 30 years of our marriage, he had three left Baptist feet.  He did struggle.

When we were all younger, Rhonda and I took him out to The Red Barn in Kemah, Texas and got him pretty sauced. Suddenly he could dance…well, he at least acted like he could that night.  Over the years he would attempt to dance, just to make me happy. But he was never comfortable with it and really didn’t like it. Our dancing activities were few and far between.  Occasionally we would sign up for a community ed class for ballroom or country two-step. But without practice, those skills quickly disappeared.

Then we moved to the area we now live in, which has a vibrant dance community.  Most of us are older…50s and up.  Some of the dancers in our dinner dance club are actually in their 90s, but they can still cut a rug!

The way that J and I finally learned to dance with a little confidence is going to dance classes.  Now, we didn’t just go to one or two dance classes. No, we went to LOTS of them.  I guess you could call us remedial students.  I think the first class we started with was a country two-step class.  We knew the basic step but despite having taken the class before, we were pretty rusty.  I think the first class we signed up for was a weekly class that lasted an hour and went on for four weeks.  When we finished the class after four weeks, we immediately signed up to take it again. And again. And again. I don’t even know how many times we took that first class, but we found out that taking the same class over and over again was a good way to cement the steps and rhythms into our brains and muscle memory.  And that’s pretty much how we learned all the dances we know.

Now when women tell me they can’t get their husbands to dance because he has no rhythm, or is too shy, or is too klutzy, or whatever, I tell them not to worry. If my man went from being a klutz with three left Baptist feet and is now a great pleasure to dance with, anyone can learn to dance and lead on the dance floor.

We have been married over forty years and are still learning new dances.  But now that he knows what he’s doing on the dance floor, J loves to dance!  The great thing about dancing, apart from health and social benefits, is that there is always more to learn so you won’t get bored.  It keeps your body and your mind younger.  I highly recommend it.  Besides…ain’t nothin’ like dancin’ with your sweetheart of forty years.

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