Lanore, Emo, and Georgia Peach
Hanging out with my puppies

I love to dance, cook, hang out with my dogs, my husband, J. and my best friend, Rhonda. I like to sip coffee and champagne on the patio–though not at the same time; I love to work in my garden, read, write, think, and sometimes I like to paint. I also like to ride my tricycle and walk on the beach when I get a chance. And I love to learn! The older I get, the more there seems to be to learn! How can that be? It helps that technology puts all kinds of knowledge at our fingertips. It’s an exciting time to be alive, with all the fears and cataclysmic changes taking place, we are still a very blessed generation. But we are taxed more than ever with a responsibility to parse the facts from the overwhelming information that comes at us each moment. The future of our nation, indeed, our very world truly depends on our commitment to learning and understanding the facts that affect our future.

I am not religious, though there have been times in my life when I was very committed to Christianity. I continue to be committed to observing, thinking, learning and trying to live the truth. One thing that definitely seems to true to me is that human beings are really just potential. We have the potential to be creative, destructive, to be truth-seeking or committed to reinforcing our ignorance and biases. We have the potential to make the world a better place or to decrease the beauty and vibrancy of the earth, to be nurturing in our relationships or to be emotionally stingy in them. With every single decision we make, in every single moment we live and breathe, we develop our potential in one direction or another. I try to remember this–and it’s not easy! I try to ask myself what kind of person do I want to be and what potential do I want to develop within myself in this moment? What kind of a human being do I want to be tomorrow and next year? I try to make decisions that will develop those potentials within me. I make plenty of mistakes; I am not always aware of the potentials I am developing within myself. But I believe this concept is one that will help guide me in the direction I want to go and will allow me to leave the best legacy I could hope for.

I am also a writer, but I confess, I am not going to be very picky about my writing in this blog. A good deal of it is like my personal journal, only it’s not private. It’s a place to hang out with the rest of the world. I started it just as the world was locking down and bracing for a global pandemic. This is where I interact with people. This is where I say the things I normally have no time to say, to people who have no time to listen. I hope you enjoy what you read and forgive the errors I will inevitably make. This is a public expression of me, but it is not polished and that’s the way I want it. In fact, it’s pretty much the way I am in person.