Lanore, Emo, and Georgia Peach
Hanging out with my puppies

Through the years, my goals have changed.  I am not the same person today that I was at 20, 40, or even 50 years old. In my mid-60s, my desires and yes, my abilities have changed…mostly for the better.  My values have not really changed over the decades…at least not by much. I’ve always been a person who enjoyed helping others while aspiring to live happily with my own dreams and desires.  While independence gets ever more important to me as I get older, my family has always been the greatest source of joy reflecting my values and choices in life. 

I started this blog as a fun project for me and my dearest and oldest friend, Rhonda.  She’s our housemate and a friend of mine for life —more than 63 years now, and a friend to my husband since not long after he and I met—around 42 years ago at the time of this writing.

The longer we all live together, the more I realize what a wonderful decision it was to join households. I hope we can share our good fortune with others by describing our journey and the things that contribute to our success, happiness, and independence as we walk this life together.

My career as an occupational therapy assistant informs my lifestyle very much.  I am always trying strategies for safety, cookery, budgeting, hobbies, staying healthy and strong to help my patients and to benefit the three of us as we age in place.  I hope you will get a few laughs and some helpful strategies from our home on the web and share them with others! 

May your lives be as blessed as ours with friendship, happiness, creative and healthy pursuits!