Honey! We’re home!

The Real Golden Girls is a lifestyle site for mature folks who sometimes like to act their age, sometimes not. We share a home just like The Golden Girls in the 80s TV show and it’s a dang fine arrangement. Most important to us is to have fun and be safe so we can live long enough to worry our kids like they used to worry us and to feel good every day doing whatever the hell we want.

Sometimes we want to cook. Sometimes we want to dance. Sometimes we want to visit wineries or other interesting local places. Sometimes we just want to escape to our own corners of the house and be alone for thinking or writing or reading or making art.

We always come together again to hang out and share life. We take care of each other and help each other every day. It’s the best life anyone could ever ask for. We hope you find some great ideas for having more fun, food, and friendship in your own life. We appreciate you stopping by to see us!

Rhonda and Lanore at Messina Hof
Finally found a wine Rhonda doesn’t hate!
J and Lanore, wining and dining
Lanore and boyfriend/husband J.
The Real Golden Girls
Lanore, J., and Rhonda
Golden Oldies, going out.